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26/03/2013 15:28:34
Steve Jobs
Hello :) Please, post any questions or issues you might have on web sites or and I will be happy to answer them and help you. In the meantime, have fun, make money and enjoy real life :)
22/10/2013 09:29:24
KåVä :)
Employers Post Jobs for free on
20/01/2013 01:07:59
Steve Jobs
We have social media jobs avaialbe on To apply register, update your profile and then fill our application, that is available here: If you need more information and help just post here your questions.
20/01/2013 01:57:25
KåVä :)
Social Media is fun, friends, music, money and active life. is a social media employer that let's you have fun, by letting you do what you love doing, making money from what you like to do so you have more fun in your real life.
04/02/2013 20:28:29
Steve Jobs
Will you be successful in a social media job market?

The job market remains challenging. Not every college graduate will get a great job. But if you start taking these steps right now, you will vastly increase your odds of success getting your job related to technology social media market place.

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